Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between "Garbage" and Trash"?
    Garbage is your weekly household refuse (food, food containers, organic waste, clothing) and Trash is yard refuse and junk items that are picked up every other week.  Trash may include brush, bagged leaves and grass clippings generated by the resident.  The City will not pick up contractor generated waste.  Furniture, appliances, small amounts of building materias, and up to four tires off the rims will also be picked up.  The City does not pick up batteries, paint and paint products, butane and gas tanks, dead animals, hazardous liquids or materials or infectious materials.
  • What is a chargeable item?
    Carpet and building materials are the only items currently being charged for.  Carpet is $25 per pick up and building materials are $82.00 per ton.  By placing these items at the curb, you are giving the City permission to pick them up and bill you for the service.
  • What can be recycled?
    Newspapers and other paper items (except brown paper), plastics with the numbers 1 through 7 on the bottom, cardboard (broken down to fit in the bin), tin or aluminum cans and used motor oil are accepted.  Please rinse container before placing in the bin. 
  • What is back door service?
    Back door service is a paid garbage pick-up where the City will collect your garbage at your door.  This service is $264 per year.  Disability and low-income waivers or reduction in fees are available.
  • What should I do if all my garbage won't fit inside the can?
    Recycling carts are provided at no additional charge.  
  • When is leaf season and will the City provide bags?
    Leaf season runs from the middle of October through the middle of January.  After that, you must bag your leaves and place them with the rest of your trash.  The City does not provide bags for this.


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