Street Maintenance

Size of Service Area:  52.47 square miles

Population Served:  50,851

Miles of Street Maintained:  490.26

The Street Maintenance division of Public Works is responsible for 490.26 miles of concrete and asphalt streets.  These crews handle the paving, pothole patching, crack sealing, and any other jobs that require heavy equipment.  They are also responsible for catch basins and 31.18 miles of storm drainage lines.  In 1999, Street Maintenance assumed responsibility for all city sidewalks.

Call our office at (423) 229-9451 if...
You need to report a pothole.
You need to report flooding.
You would like information about sidewalk repair.
You need a catch basin or drainage tile cleaned.

The Street Cleaning division of Public Works carries the responsibility of keeping our streets free from debris.  It takes about a month to cover one end of the city to the next, starting from the west end and working east.

Call our office at (423) 229-9451 if...
You would like to schedule a sweeper in your area.
You need to report a litter spill.
You need to report graffiti.

Street Maintenance

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